360º Video and Language Documentation: Towards a Corpus of Kanien’kéha (Mohawk)

The Graduate Center, CUNY (September 2020)


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Burning Feathers: A Hint at Hysteria in a Connecticut Witchcraft Case

Folklore [to appear, 2021]

A Grove of Folk Art on Staten Island: Documenting the Carvings of W. Dixon

Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore [to appear, 2020]

Phonesthetics and the Etymologies of Blood and Bone

English Language and Linguistics [Online: March 2020]

Grizzel Greedigut: A Name ‘No Mortall Could Invent’

Names 67.2 (June 2019): 78–88 [Online: Dec. 2018]

The Grant, the Hare, and the Survival of a Medieval Folk Belief

Folklore 130.1 (March 2019): 48–59

William Fishbough Revealed as Author of ‘The Planchette Mystery’

Notes & Queries 63.2 (June 2016): 263–265


Vanished Letters

Cricket Magazine (January 2017): 25–27